How does a cancer survivorship program help a patient?

Cancer survivorship program in India is an initiative to help various cancer patients in the process of the treatment and Rehabilitation. These are offered b Indian Cancer Society Rehabilitation Centre (RC). Cancer is a very deadly medical condition that drastically impacts the health of the patient. Cancer is caused by the accumulation of malignant cells in a certain part of the body. These cancerous cells are capable of damaging all the healthy tissues of the affected organ and gradually spreads to other organs as well by a process known as metastasis. Cancer can be treated completely in the initial stage but as time passes by it becomes very difficult to save the patient as the number of complications increases with each passing day. It is very difficult to completely eradicate the problem in the final stage and the main aim of the doctor in such conditions is to add some years to the life of the patient. This is done with the help of several therapies and surgical treatment. Even after cancer has been treated, a lot of medications are to be taken and a proper diet is to be maintained. Cancer has a very traumatic effect on the normal lifestyle of the patients and this is why most of the cancer survivors, especially the children, require special rehabilitation programmes to help them adapt to the new changes in the body and go back ta a normal lifestyle. All of this requires a lot of financial expenditure which is very difficult to bear for a common man.

Cancer Survivorship Program in India aims at helping such patients by offering various rehabilitation services and financially aiding them with the post-treatment expenses. Cancer Survivorship Program in India helps the cancer survivors by offering three kinds of services. These are mentioned below-

Physical restoration services that offer cervical cancer rehabilitation kits, Prosthetic appliances (e.g. Upper & Lower Limb Latex Prosthesis) and various other aids and appliances for disabilities caused due to cancer.

Psycho-social and community adjustment services which aim at providing vocational rehabilitation and skill training as well as provide free counselling to the cancer patients as well as his family members about the disease and its prevention and cure.

Aid to Rural/Urban cancer patients/survivors is also provided which involves free food and nutrition supplements. Medical expenditure is also covered under this which includes the Ambulance Service. Apart from these, free clothes, blankets in monsoon kids are also provided.

Social support groups have also been started to help childhood cancer survivors and help them live a normal life. The idea is to encourage such children to fight their disease and emerge as winners.

Cancer is a very traumatic medical ailment that affects the patient physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. Cancer survivorship program in India tries to cover all these aspects.

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