Why would one need a liver transplant?

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of cases regarding liver transplantation which was reported in the country. The liver transplant specialist in India brings our attention to the fact that these increased numbers are a clear reflection of increment in liver diseases which have life-threatening impacts on the affected person. A proper functioning liver is of utmost importance to the human body because it is involved in a variety of functions which are important for normal the working of the human body. The production of glucose is a primary source of energy and the process is performed by the liver. Likewise, the liver produces proteins which are eminent buildings blocks of our body. The absorption of fats and vitamins is facilitated by bile which is the produced by the liver. On the other hand, the liver also acts as the storage for vitamins and minerals. These functions of the liver can be disrupted by various factors which then directly impact the working of liver and conditions can aggravate resulting in need of medical attention at the earliest request.

The type of treatment prescribed for such medical condition entirely depends upon the type of the disease, the general well-being of the patient, the reports of blood tests test which were performed on the patient, and the conceivable solutions. If the onset of disease or condition is initiated and the rate of severity is low, medications are provided but if the conditions increment to a point of severity, liver transplantation is considered as an effective treatment.
When cases of liver transplantation performed in children were researched by a team of dynamically trained team of liver transplant specialist in India, it was found out that the most common medical condition which requires liver transplantation in children and adolescents of less than 18 years of age is biliary atresia. In this condition, the improper growth of bile ducts hampers the normal working of liver significantly, the functions related to the production of bile are affected. Cirrhosis and hepatitis C are the common reasons for liver transplantation in adults.
The need for liver transplant also arises if the existing condition of the liver due to any disease or injury starts to disarray the functions of other organs. For instance, in the case of ascites, fluid is produced in the stomach because the liver fails to perform its functions. In its serious stages, medications and changes with diet fail to work and liver transplant becomes a necessity, states the doctor from best liver transplant in India. Similarly, bacterial peritonitis (infection of the abdomen), scarring resulting into excessive bleeding, an increase of spleen size, and bleeding of veins in stomach and oesophagus are also cases which are caused by liver diseases, for which liver transplant is the right treatment.
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