What is the procedure for limb-salvage surgery

Limb Salvage surgery is the medical procedure of removing tumor affecting a person's arm or legs without having to amputate any of these. Earlier patient suffering from bone cancer faced the fear of losing their limbs by with various technological advancement in the field of medical sciences, doctors came up with a new way of protecting the limbs of the patient by eleminating the need for  amputation. BlK hospital, which is the best hospital for Bone tumour treatment in India recommends limb salvage surgery to the patients suffering from end stage bone cancer. It is also known as limb sparing surgery which technically aims at saving the limbs of the patient.

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases, cause by the excessive production and accumulation of unhealthy, malignant cells on the tissues of various organs. The problem is easily treatable in the initial stages however any delay in treatment can lead to the rise of new complications and in the final stage, the disease is incurable. The abnormal cells lead to the formation of tumors and also have a tendency to spread to various other organs via a procedure known as metastasis. Bone cancer occurs when the tumor formation takes place on the surface of the bone thereby greatly reducing the bone health. This in turn limits the person's ability to perform various day-to-day functions and his condition continues to deteriorate with time.

Limb Salvage surgery in bone tumours involves the replacement of the damaged bone by artificially created grafts and implants. The goal is to cause minimum damage to surrounding muscles and tissues. The patient has to undergo a series of tests and screening which include X-rays and MRI to determine how they have to proceed with the surgery. Once the doctors have device that a proper medical protocol to be undertaken, the patient is given a green signal for the surgery.

During the surgical procedure patient is given general anaesthesia induce unconsciousness so that he does not feel any pain. The heart rate of the person is carefully monitor with the help of a cardiogram machine. An incision is made on the affected area and the tumor is removed very carefully. In case the bone has been damaged beyond repair, it is taken out and replaced with metallic, plastic or ceramic grafts. During the procedure some of the healthy tissues surroundings affected areas are destroyed as well.

After the surgery, the patient has to take complete bed rest and follow all the instructions given by the doctor religiously. The patient should refrain from doing vigorous exercises. Regular medical checkups are also mandatory to ensure that there are no complications. Physiotherapy may be opted for better recovery. It helps the patient to cope up with the new changes in the body.

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