What is Endoscopic Discectomy?

Endoscopic Discectomy is a minimally invasive procedure opted to remove any kind of herniated disc material from the lower back, legs, mid back and arms. The procedure is one of the most efficient ways of relieving the patient from the excess pain caused by the disc.  Endoscopic Disc Surgeries in India are gaining immense popularity due to its very high success rate and minimal chances of complications. BLK Hospital is your ultimate destination if you are planning to opt for Endoscopic Discectomy. The hospital has a team of the most top notch back treatment specialists in Delhi including the best Spine surgeon in India. The hospital has not only attracted patients from India but from various other countries as well and has been widely acknowledged for its state of art facilities.

Spinal disc herniation is a medical term used to define the bulge formed by the soft central portion of the intervertebral disc which comes out of the damaged disc through a  tear in the outer ring. The problem is commonly known as slipped disc and is accompanied by a lot of pain and discomfort. Overweight people are at a higher risk of getting this problem and most of the people opting for Endoscopic Disc Surgeries in India were found to be obese. As per the leading back treatment specialist in Delhi, lifting large and heavy objects is one of the major caused of spinal disc herniation as it puts a lot of strain on the back muscles that leads to slipping of the disc. Although the problem can affect people of any age group but is quiet common in middle aged and older people.

The various symptoms associated with Spinal Disc Herniation include weakness, discomfort and utter pain, experienced while walking, standing for a long time, sitting in the same position, laying down, bending etc. The pain is so chronic that the patient might not even be able to move.

While the traditional surgery required the removal of certain bones and muscles, there is no such problem in case of Endoscopic Discectomy. The surgery is carried out via 2 to 4 small incisions. A very small camera, attached to a tube known as port, is inserted via one of these incisions to carefully monitor the whole procedure. The images from the camera are obtained on a large screen. This enables the surgeons to perform the procedure very efficiently and precisely. Since there are no large cuts involved, the procedure does not have any negative effect on your spine. The procedure hardly takes half hour to 45 minutes. The patient does not require to stay inthe hospital post surgery and is discharged within 2 to 3 hours of the surgery.

The procedure has a very large number of benefits and is high recommended by the best spine surgeon in India. Some of the pros of Endoscopic Discectomy are mentioned below:

The procedure is minimally invasive, so the recovery period is very small.

There are no chances of infection prst surgery.

The patient needs not to stay in the hospital unnecessarily.

Spinal mobility is highly preserved.

The procedure involves minimal blood loss and hence can be easily performed on patients suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure.


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