What are the indications for ICSI Treatment?


The various developments and major breakthroughs in the realm of medical sciences have pushed the boundaries which were earlier barring the possibilities of effective treatments for a number of medical conditions and diseases. One of the major breakthroughs focuses its light on male infertility, reports the exceptionally trained team from the widely known institutions of male infertility treatment in India. They provide a plethora of medical services which have been known for years to effectively treat male infertility and bring happiness to the couple and their families.

A prominent discourse runs about male infertility treatment in India which sets its parameters on the patriarchal lines where male infertility is often ignored which eventually results in late medical attention and thence, unsuccessful results. The medically appreciated ICSI infertility treatment hospital in Delhi concentrates on considering the manifestations of male infertility which can be treated with the effectively proven intracytoplasmic sperm injection ( ICSI ). This treatment is performed by injecting a single sperm directly into the egg from the female partner. ICSI has been a medical breakthrough which adds to successful pregnancies.  ICSI has also added in succeeding IVF treatment which failed earlier.

ICSI treatment can only be performed if the problem of male infertility is considered by the affected person and his family, provides the widely renowned ICSI infertility treatment hospital in Delhi. The manifestations of male infertility are various in numbers and a little consideration can help you to get the issue treated on time. Significantly, the importance of ICSI treatment for a successful pregnancy when collaborated with IVF has prominent advantages and proven successful results. On the similar lines, runs the indications from which you can consider ICSI treatment. If there have been any cases of failed IVF fertilization in the past years due to an unexplained reason, there is a possibility of male infertility. Secondly, if there is a decrease in the amount of sperm created or its mortality has decreased, in such cases injection of a healthy sperm could be an effective solution. Globozoospermia, the condition of round-headed sperm is also responsible for failed fertilization. The congenital absence of the vas deferens (CAVD), post-inflammatory obstruction of the epididymis, vas and failed vasectomy reversal, and obstructive azoospermia can lead to complete absence of sperm which clearly dysfunctions fertilization from the very procedure of ejaculation.  Immunological also responsible for the failure of fertility and male infertility, for which  ICSI is one of the best available treatment.

The entire procedure of ICSI is performed to directly inject the sperm into the egg. Firstly, the extraction of sperm is carried out, either directly through semen of the male counterpart or from high testes or epididymis via surgical procedures, it depends upon the availability of healthy sperm, the count of sperm, and whether its passage has been blocked or not. For fertilization, the eggs are surgically removed from the ovaries of the female counterpart.  It is followed up by injection of one healthy sperm directly into the egg.  With check over the growth of a fertilized egg, it is implanted into the uterus for a normal development. The cost of infertility treatment in Delhi utilizes the best resources to ensure successful results for the entire procedure, performed with high expertise.

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