What is the cost of balloon angioplasty in India?

Balloon angioplasty the surgical procedure used for widening narrowed or blocked blood vessel by the use of a catheter fitted with a balloon on one of its end. It is a minimally invasive procedure that has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past due to its very high efficiency and a shorter recovery period. Balloon angioplasty is most commonly performed heart surgery in India and is offered by all the best heart hospitals in India. Cardiac surgeries are usually quite expensive, however, heart surgery cost in India is comparatively cheaper as compared to other countries and this is the reason why cardiology hospitals in India have grabbed the attention of many foreign patients.

The top 10 cardiac hospitals in India have reported a considerable increase in the number of patients suffering from various cardiac problems which clearly indicates that heart problems have started to take a toll over our health. As such new technological developments in the field of cardiology are a must. Balloon angioplasty is one such development that has proved to be a turning point in the medical history. The procedure is beginning to replace the traditional open heart surgery owing to the fact that it can also be performed on patients suffering from high blood pressure diabetes and anaemia, who were considered to be ineligible for the traditional open heart surgery.

The procedure is carried out by making a very small incision on the side of the patient's chest through which the catheter fitted with the balloon is inserted. The catheter is then directed toward the affected blood vessel. Once the catheter is in the right position, the balloon is inflated to exert a pressure on the walls of the blood vessel and force it open. This helps to remove the blockage and restore normal for blood. Once the blockage has been removed completely the balloon is deflated and removed along with the catheter. The patient may be required to stay in the hospital for a day or two and will be discharged afterwards. Since there is no large incision hence the chances of infection are highly minimised. Also, the recovery period is quite shorter and pain-free. The procedure is performed under the influence of anaesthesia and as such the patient does not feel any pain. He/she may complain of mild pain after gaining consciousness, which can be easily treated by the use of painkillers.

In India, the cost of balloon angioplasty has been reduced by 18 per cent owing to the government's move to cap the maximum price of cardiac stents. As a result of this, the number of patients opting for balloon angioplasty have increased by 2 per cent to 7 per cent. The cost expenditure lies somewhere between 1 lakh to 3.6 lakhs in India.


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