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Ossiculoplasty At times in case of infections like otitis or any injury, small bones in our ear which helps us in hearing may get damaged. In order to repair or reconstruct these bones a doctor may suggest for a surgery called Ossiculoplasty.

What does the mechanism involve?

After carrying out required tests and X-ray, a doctor may opt for surgery. During the procedure of Ossciculoplasty, the doctor repairs the affected bone in case of partial infection/injury. Despite that, if the damage is high then the doctor will implant prosthesis. This is a minimal invasive surgery, hence the post-op risk are minimal or nil.

Safety measures to be taken after the surgery :

  • Your ear will be bandaged after the surgery.
  • Some amount of blood discharge is normal and patient need not to worry about it.
  • Regular dressing is advisable to avoid any infection.
  • You need to guard your ear form water initially after the dressing is removed.
  • Use cotton buds while taking a bath.
  • You can return to work/normal activities after 5 days.





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